Help! My Husband likes Eating Me Out Every Morning – Woman Cries Out

A Nigerian woman has cried out for help as her husband with high s3x drive is about to put her in harms way after he subjected her to many rounds of s3x bouts leaving her seriously bruises.

Cynthia Valerian Raphaels, a relationship expert shared the story on Facebook:

“Madam, I have known a man for four years now, we have been talking on phone. My brothers friend precisely. So he proposed on phone and I accepted. He spoke to my mother and we fixed the date, his people came and paid my bride price money on January.

Madam he came back for the first time last month for the traditional wedding with my two brothers. The date has been fixed last Saturday of this month but I mean worried. Madam he is a s3x bastardized fellow. He can do three stretch once he starts, non stop. Even when I am shouting saying it is paining me ooo to his ears, he won’t even listen till he cums. Just four days of staying with him, am already sitting on hot water.

Madam Cynthia your daughter is scared ooo. Please how can I cope with this! If care is not taken, I will go buy sleeping pills for him so I can not be going through all these pains. What can I do?”

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